Tree Honors Memory of RPD Honorary Officer

This year, the decorations on the Christmas tree in the lobby of the Downtown District station have taken on a new significance: honoring the memory of Honorary Officer William Bunn. William Bunn, an eight-year-old who became RPD's first Honorary Officer in June 2010 and then lost his courageous battle with cancer three weeks later, touched the hearts of many including those in the Department.

Ms. Gail Robins, wife of a Downtown District Senior Officer, H. Robbins, took it upon herself to decorate the tree with glittering angel and snowman ornaments, miniature Christmas stockings, blue and silver bows, and photographs of William in his RPD uniform.

"It makes you appreciate the true meaning of Christmas," said Captain K.S. Craghead, commander of the Downtown District, "and puts things into perspective.”

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