Statement Issued by Chief Harry Dolan Regarding Questions Raised by Media

Chief Harry P. Dolan has issued the following statement in response to questions raised by the news media.

“In late 2009, a complaint was brought to the attention of the Raleigh Police Department by one of its officers. That complaint concerned the possibility of improper conduct on the part of certain RPD police officers. No complaints from members of the public were received regarding the conduct that led to the investigation.

“At my direction, an investigation was promptly initiated by the department’s Internal Affairs Unit. Proper authorities were updated on the findings of the comprehensive investigation as it progressed. Those findings indicated that administrative violations may have occurred and that they stemmed from voluntary interactions between a small number of officers and non-departmental individuals.

“At this time, we are nearing completion of the investigation and its necessary follow up. When all the available facts are present, appropriate decisions will be made concerning any personnel action that should be taken pursuant to departmental policy in response to administrative violations.

“The public can be confident that all the issues identified as result of the officer-initiated complaint were thoroughly investigated and that they will be addressed and resolved.”

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