Multiple Suspects Charged with Damage to Property

The Raleigh Police Department has arrested Laine Worth Stover (DOB 04/14/1992), Eric Schiffmiller Frender (DOB 10/11/1991), Anthony Spencer Krautwald (DOB 05/10/1992) and Robert Mackenzie Rabon (07/09/1991) and charged them with several counts of injury to personal property and conspiracy to commit injury to property. The suspects were taken into custody this morning and were transported to the Wake County Jail. The charges stem from incidents which occurred in several Raleigh neighborhoods in which the suspects shot out vehicle windows with pellet guns.

The offenses occurred between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. on the nights of March 29th and 30th. The communities that were directly affected include: Hickory Hills, Eastgate, Quail Hollow, Hedingham, Falls River and Woodbridge.

Based on information gathered during the investigation, it is believed that there may be additional victims who have not come forward. Anyone who believes the suspects may have damaged their vehicles on the dates listed above are asked to call the Raleigh Police Department at (919) 996-3335 to file a report.

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