Helpful Holiday Tips When You Are Away From Home

The following are some helpful tips to remember before leaving your home (whether you are going across town or across the country) for the holidays:
  • Don’t display gifts beneath the Christmas tree, which can be seen from windows or doors.
  • Be extra cautious about locking doors and windows when you leave your house or apartment, even for a few minutes.
  • A holiday problem can occur when exterior Christmas light extension cords are run inside through a window and prevent it from being secured.
  • Don’t advertise that you are away from home. Don’t leave outdoor lights burning 24 hours a day, piled up newspapers, mail, or advertising fliers hanging on the door knob. Instead, use a light timer and ask a neighbor to pick up your newspapers and mail.
  • Don’t hide spare keys under rocks, in flowerpots, or above door ledges. Instead give the spare key to a trusted neighbor.
  • After the holidays, don’t advertise gifts received by the boxes left for the garbage collection. Destroy or flatten for closure in a recycle bin.

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