Raleigh Taxi Cabs Now Equipped with Safety Lights

If you see a taxi with its front or back orange light flashing, please call the police immediately.
Raleigh taxi cabs are now a little bit safer for their drivers. Local cab companies now have operating safety lights on their vehicles.

Beginning earlier this year, all taxicabs operating in Raleigh were required to have two blinking amber safety lights mounted outside the vehicle – one on the front grill and one on the back of the trunk. The lights are designed to serve as beacons to signal if something is wrong. If a taxicab driver feels he or she may be in physical danger, they can to turn on the safety lights to provide a visual indication that trouble exists or may be brewing inside the cab. Police officers who see the signal can immediately take appropriate action, but it’s also extremely important for the public to be aware of the lights and their purpose.

If you see a taxi with its lights flashing, you're asked to call police immediately.

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  1. Law enforcement who see the indication can instantly take appropriate activity, but it’s also very important for the community to be conscious of the lighting and their objective.