Bank Robbery Suspect in Custody

Shortly before 3:30 p.m. today, a suspect entered the Wells Fargo bank at 2600 Hillsborough Street and passed a robbery note to a teller. The suspect fled the bank after the teller complied with the notes demands.

A short time later and without further incident, Raleigh Police Department officers detained a male subject in his 50s near the intersection of Chapel Hill Road and I-40.

No injuries were sustained during the incident.

The investigation of the case is continuing. Charges have not yet been filed.


  1. There was an arrest at 6009 San Marcos Way.... A neighbor of ours who we always suspected of selling drugs because of all the traffic in and out of his home. Plain clothes and uniform RPD officers detained two men in the home and left with several bags and large envelopes. We are curious as to the story behind this arrest because its so close to home. Can't find anything about it other than the wake county booking and mug shot info. The name is Kenneth Carroll Mee. Could you guys please post about this? Thank you and take care!

  2. About Kenneth Mee. The arrest took place on January 5th at about 9:30am. Ty

    1. Hey B, contact me about this guy... you might have some information about this address and person.. Cr43440@yahoo.com

  3. B - Check out http://www.bustedmugshots.com/north-carolina/raleigh/kenneth-carroll-mee/40550272 . Looks like RPD's finest were out to pay him another visit today, and impounded two of his cars as well. How long will we can get this scum out of the neighborhood?

  4. Do you know what kind of vehicles they were.... Thanks, B

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