Suspects Arrested During Protest at Foreclosed Home

Based upon information that activity might take place today at a foreclosed residence at 2633 Pebble Meadow Ln., Raleigh Police Department officers performed a security check at that location at approximately 9 a.m. Upon arrival, the officers determined that an unknown number of suspects had broken into the residence and that others were on property outside the home.

A number of RPD Officers maintained a presence at the scene while other personnel worked to confirm the legal ownership status of the residence and to prepare contingency plans.

At approximately 2:15 p.m. – after it was confirmed that foreclosure action had been taken early last year and that the current property owner had not authorized anyone to be one the property today – additional officers were transported to the scene. Since it was known that suspects were inside the residence, raising the possibility that a tactical entry might be necessary, Selective Enforcement Unit officers were among those on the scene.

Due to the fact that both trespassing and breaking and entering were occurring, a two-phased approach was taken by the officers. An announcement was made to those outside the home indicating that if they did not wish to be arrested they should move to a sidewalk on the opposite side of the street. The majority of the group did so; however, five suspects who did not were taken into custody and transported to the Wake County Jail on second degree trespassing charges.

Next, attention was turned to those inside the residence. After expanding the scene perimeter for the safety of all involved, those inside were advised that if they wished to be charged with trespassing rather than with breaking and entering they should come out immediately. Two suspects who elected to leave the home at that time were also transported to the jail on second degree trespassing charges. No additional suspects were located in the home.

Those arrested are:
•    Charles Ian Hancock
•    Maureen Elaine Kessler
•    Rafael Estrada Maya
•    Christopher Stella
•    Elizabeth Zykowski
•    Rachel Powell
•    Margaret Schucker

Breaking and entering and refusing to leave creates a “barricaded-subject” situation for responding officers, raising safety concerns for all involved. Such concerns prompted Chief of Police Harry Dolan and other police leaders to sincerely hope that today’s tactic is not one that will be repeated.

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  1. Thank you for defending the rights of the property owner here. It seems occupy raleigh does not understand how home ownership works. Thanks again for "explaining" it to them.

    Thanks aslo for this accurate account of the facts. Some media outlets reported this as a forclosure or eviction. Those actions happened over a year ago. This was an attempt to reclaim a house illegally.